Monday, April 19, 2010

The Hunt For A Red October (or How To Get Happily Published Before The Year's End)

(You can get an online view of the entire book if you scroll down)

So the hunt is on to get Immaculate Perception conventionally published... or traditionally published... or legitimately published, or whatever the hell they call it when someone other than me steps up and handles all the finances and headaches and responsibilities involved in creating an actual book. And that someone also finds someone else whose job it is to make sure there is an actual book, with pages and pictures and page numbers and everything else, stacked in neat little piles on big wooden tables at the local Chapters.

That's what I want.
That is my dream.
It's not outrageous or anything, is it?
It's not crazy or out of this world or a dream that can never happen, is it?
I don't think it is.
The book is good.
Immaculate Perception is a powerful look at downtown Toronto.
It isn't a collection of pretty pictures of the city, but a series of revealing moments in the life of the city.

I just don't want to self-publish anymore.
No more me footing the bill for everything.
It takes all the fun out of it.
Sure it's fun the first couple of times, but then it becomes glaringly obvious that the only person I'm making happy are the rich fat-cats at

So the hunt is on...

It's not an easy task, although no one ever said it would be.

But the one thing I did learn is that "getting published" isn't some miraculous God-given honour bestowed upon the chosen few. Perhaps it is the chosen few who actually make any money out of it, but it seems to me, from all that I've read about it, is that anyone can get published, it just takes a while to find someone willing to fork out the big bucks for your work.

So far: Publishers Contacted Who Responded - 3
Immaculate Perception - 0