Monday, March 22, 2010

Immaculate Perception is Hot off the Press!!

I realize that no one is reading this, but I figure I should write it anyway, since I'm so damn proud of myself that I could scream and throw things at the wall!

That being said, my right arm is kind of sore from patting myself on the back all weekend, and I think I might have put my back out as well, but hey, I'm very pleased with what I accomplished this past weekend, so a couple of days in the hospital is a fair price to pay.

So what exactly did I do? Well, after six long months of focused, time consuming work, Immaculate Perception finally went to press on Sunday, 21 March 2010!
If you have a moment you should really check the book out. I think you'll agree that the results are pretty amazing!

I've never really thought of myself as having a particular style of photography, I've always just shot the things that interested me and left it at that. But when I looked through the book for the very first time, I was completely taken by surprise that a very recognizable style quite literally jumped off the page at me.
So that's pretty cool in my books

Anyway, I've already begun work on assembling Immaculate Perception Volume II, but I don't expect that book out until next year at some point

If you have any questions, all of you non-existent people who AREN'T reading this, write to me.
Or better yet, send money!

Oh, before I forget, here is a link to the actual book.

Talk to you later, crocodile.



  1. You do beautiful work,and this book is excellent! I'm sorry I cannot buy a copy, but I very much enjoy your photography.

  2. Good show olde boy. The blog looks good and the Froz'n Motion web site looks really good. I am glad it's finally out. I am off Flickr, as you may have noticed. That last photo of Henna is great; on the balcony with her holding up the sky, trying to keep the world in equilibrium while that baby in that belly is truly poking for attention. Take care mon ami, Dionysios.