Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Wedding of Roxanne & Jeff - Saturday 16 August 2014

Froz'n Motion just returned home this evening after shooting the magnificent wedding of Roxanne and Jeff.

Nestled within the opulent splendor of the luscious Royal York Hotel, the wedding was as perfect as a story-book wedding was meant to be.

The Bride, ravishing in her long, embroidered and layered gown, shone brighter than a thousand suns as her special day unfolded in glorious perfection. Jeff the Groom, as tall as a downtown skyscraper, dressed in a traditional tux and accompanied by his 3 partners in crime, pulled off a masterful Prince Charming as few men can.

This was the kind of wedding that all engaged couple's eagerly desire, and young girls wish for since they were old enough to dream.

Behold! This was Roxanne and Jeff's fairy-tale wedding!

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