Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Wedding of Anna & Hassan

To my mind, there is nothing more beautiful, nothing more lofty, than when two disparate worlds collide and, in the aftermath, a love that knows no boundaries, no borders, no distance or cultural differences, gently flourishes and somehow survives.

The exquisite and delicate Anna, who began life in Russia, found herself in London, alone and uncertain, yet determined to succeed at all cost. The furthest thing from her mind was love... Little did she know, Fate had different plans in mind for her. Little did she know, it was the Hand of Fate that imperceptibly nudged her into the protective arms of Hassan that uneventful day in London, a day neither of them will ever forget.

Born in Northern France, of Moroccan descent, the quiet and reflective Hassan, who speaks English with the beautiful, flowing accent of a French film-star, also found himself in London with no idea what Fate had in store for him, either. He was as surprised as anyone when the ethereal Anna suddenly fell into his life.

And from that point onwards, Fate, with its unusual blend of the strange and the incomprehensible, slowly began working its imperceptible magic; churning and swirling and sweeping both Anna and Hassan up in its all-embracing grasp. No one, not from the inside looking out, or from the outside looking in, knew where it was to deposit them, where it was to finally set them gently down, where they might begin the rest of their lives together…

But that place was, of course, Toronto, Canada.

How they got here is anybody’s guess. How long they will remain is up for grabs, too. But for now, here they are: Anna and Hassan! A love story laced with as many twists and turns as the Tour de France; fraught with as many difficulties as a moon landing, with as many impasses as a Mount Everest summit attempt.

This is the kind of love story about which books are written, the kind of story movies are made from, or Top 100 songs are tearfully sung about. This is the kind of love story you pass along to your children and grandchildren, to give them hope in their darkest moments… The story of Anna and Hassan is that tiny beacon of light on a stormy night that guides us into a safe place, where we can rest assured that it’s all worth it, that all the pain and suffering, in the end, will mean something to someone somewhere…

We at Froz'n Motion feel incredibly blessed to have had the glorious opportunity to capture a small fragment of this eternal love story. Here is a sneak peek into both Anna and Hassan’s Engagement and Wedding session with us. Watch this space for more…

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